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Sunday, February 19, 2012

There is another set of grandparents

 great grandparents, actually, that I almost never write about...........
only because I never had a chance to get to know them..............only through this pie does a fond memory of them surface.
Due to "circumstances" I grew up without knowing much about my other set of grandparents. I only got to see my great grandparents twice when I was very young.  I remember their quaint little house on the edge of town and how welcoming it felt to walk in. I remember the smell of fresh baked goodness still lingering in the air, from something my great grandmother had baked earlier in the day. I remember a smiling and sweet small framed lady in a calico print dress, and by her side a tall, smiling man wearing an eye patch. I found out later that my great grandfather had lost his eye chopping wood when he was young.  During our visit, my brother and I was ushered into a wonderful little kitchen, where the sweet smell lingered most, and welcomed to sit down at the table. A small plate with the most wonderful pie was given to each of us to enjoy......................
Years passed.............as well as these wonderful people, with out much being talked about as time went on.  I never thought much on the subject until I was myself,  a young mother and I was sharing a piece of pie with my young child in my lap. The pie was from a restaurant we were dining at with friends.............it was buttermilk pie. The moment I took a bite.................the memory of the gentle people in the quaint little house came knocking on my heart.  I then had to find this recipe and hang on to it as I do that one cherished memory.  If you would like this recipe..............the true good recipe..........not one that I mistakenly used while browsing the Internet, visit my cooking blog using this link,
  How about you?
Any special recipe that makes you remember someone special?
 I would love to hear!


Vickie said...

Yes - my nanny's chicken & dumplings. Never had any better, and don't expect I will ever. Isn't it neat that a simple smell can bring back such a neat memory!

I do love me some buttermilk pie, too. Made me wanna go make one when I saw your piece of pie there.

I only knew one set of my great grandparents. My GGM Ramsey used to sit in her rocker on the porch and in the house and dip snuff. She kept a coffee can beside her chair to spit in! I can still remember I picked up the can one time to see what was in it and my momma hollering PUT THAT DOWN!

Country Gal said...

What a wonderful post ! My mum used to make Cornish Pastie's she was British and it is a British recipe ! I haven't made them for years . The recipe is in here but she never used a recipe she made things from memory from being in the war ! http://www.britainexpress.com/articles/Food/Traditional-Cornish-Pastie.htm and also Apple Crumple http://www.britainexpress.com/articles/Food/apple-crumble.htm These recipes are from Britan I love them ! Have a great day !

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen,

Thanks for the recipe, will be trying this one as we have lots of eggs. It is amazing how food/smell memories remain with us from childhood.
Lovely to hear about your Grandparents.
Happy days.

Michaele said...

I love how you described them in this post. Your word choice made me long for those days.

lil red hen said...

I never knew my great grandparents. A smell I remember came from the yeast rolls my mama made, left behind the coal stove to rise while we were at church on Sunday morning. When we got home they would have risen to the top of the pan. I've never had rolls that tasted that good since.

LindaSue said...

chess pie was what we called it and YUM - didn't know my Dad's parents very well but recall the incredibly strong smelling boiled coffee and they served "spuds" with every meal!

Connie said...

This pie sounds delicious, and it has a very sweet and precious memory to go with it. So many things that my Mom made will always be sweet memories for me.

Hill Top Post said...

My cousin and I still talk about our grandmother's boiled chocolate-oatmeal cookies. Lots of people made these cookies, but Grandma's were better than all others because she ground the oatmeal. Enjoyed your post...memories of grandparents are so special.

nancy huggins said...

This is a funny memory I have (and so does my sister) I remember going to my Grandmothers house many times and she would fix us a snack. She always had a bag of Potato chips that were kind of stale and she would heat them in the oven and put them on a plate for us. She thought that would make them fresh. They were not good at all but we always ate them because we loved her and she always smiled when we ate all our chips. Many Great memories of my Grandmother :)

grammy said...

Wonderful memories
we will be only memories some day
wonder what they will be???
I know mine won't be food (o: I am not a great cook.

Terry and Linda said...

My Southern Grandmother's fried cornbread, buttermilk salad dressing, yummy yellow squash...I could go on and on and on.


Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Banana Pudding, made with fresh eggs in a real cooked vanilla pudding. My grandmother always made that when she thought our family might be coming to visit because she knew it was my favorite. Still is!

I'm going to have to try your Buttermilk Pie. I've never had one.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Sure do. There are passed down recipes that take me back into my Granny Walden's kitchen on the farm or to my Grandma Dow's in Albuquerque.

It's funny how the smell and taste of somethin' can take ya back.

God bless ya and have a wonderful day sweetie!!! :o)

~Niki~ said...

I featured you today.
Butternut STreet

Paula said...

Tht is a precious memory, Kathleen~ and thanks for sharing the recipe with us!
I never eat beans and cornbread without thinking of my grandmother, because that's what her house smelled like, and I never eat fudge candy without thinking of my other grandmother, who used to make it at Christmas and give each of us grandkids a little bag full of it for a present.