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Monday, December 26, 2011

Walking in the woods on a snowy evening..........

on Christmas Eve.....making my daughter's Christmas visit wish come true.
We have had such a wonderful time as we all gathered together.

The fields as far as one could see were covered in a blanket of snow on Christmas morning..........such a rare thing for Texas, especially since we have suffered such a sever drought this summer.

It has been such a magical time, with photos being taken, hands held in prayer at the dinner table, memories shared and memories made.
How about you? Did you have a lot of guests at your Christmas table?
Did you have a lot of snow outside your door?
I would love to hear.


Vickie said...

How beautiful, Kathleen! You truly had a white Christmas! In all my 55 years, I don't think we ever had snow ON Christmas. I'll bet that made it all the more cozy for your family get-togethers! I thought about you this weekend with ALL your kids coming and was hoping that ya'll just had the best time EVER!

Mel said...

Oh, how delightful! I love snowy walks in the woods, it is so beautiful with the snow covered branches. Somehow, it is comforting, what a blessing to have the time alone with your daughter.
Our oldest daughter had dinner over at her place this year, we ate, sipped a few different wines, and played Cranium board games, It was so much fun. Such a pleasure and huge blessing having your children and grandchildren just a few miles away.

Merry Christmas!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Glad you had such a memorable Christmas with Snow! I know that made the Holiday very special with your daughter being home too...That was clearly a Special Blessing.

Connie said...

It looks very pretty, Kathleen. I'm glad you enjoyed such a special family time. We had sunny blue skies and no snow which is unusual for us! haha! I'm enjoying the weather here very much. :D

Grammyof13 said...

I am so glad your children are all home. I had failed to remember your daughter in the Navy. I need an e-mail to hear how she is doing. Don't you have one in College as well? Is your nest entirely empty or is there one still in school?

I'm so glad you had a good Christmas. Be blessed this new year.

Doris Grammyof15

Sunny said...

Hi Kathleen, so glad you are having a wonderful Christmas with all your family! Those times seem few and far between as our children grow up and go off making their own lives. It always helps me to think that they take part of me with them, that they are who they are because part of them came from me :) Just enjoy the time.

Blessings to you and yours!

LindaSue said...

great pictures - so rare to have it work out for a white Christmas in West Texas - talked with my family in Midland and they were raving/griping about it (brother had to close up church after late services and roads got slick) Glad you had a good Christmas - and wishing you the best in New Year!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

It looks so beautiful, Kathleen! But cold, too. It's cold and wet here. Good staying inside weather.

lil red hen said...

Beautiful pictures and I'm so happy for your visit with your daughter. We had about 2/3 of our family for dinner, a good day weather wise, and plenty of good food. Today it is raining and a very lazy type of day.

Betty Lou said...

Beautiful pictures, quite different that the pictures of last summer's heat. Happy New Year.

Michaele said...

Crazy weather this year. Texas has snow and today in NE we were at 55F by 2:00 pm. The photos look wonderful. Peaceful.

Hill Top Post said...

So special that your daughter's Christmas wish was granted..."memories shared, memories made"...

We are having rain today which makes for a good day to rest and regroup after a wonderful, but busy week.

Best wishes for the New Year!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your snow is lovely! We didn't have any snow at all. Maybe Mother Nature is going to go easy on us this year, after the whopper of a winter she gave us last year.

grammy said...

we had about 12 inches of snow...even if it was 4 days old...and crunchy..
Sounds like you days have been wonderful (o:

KathyB. said...

Oh Kathleen, so beautiful, almost magical.No snow here, just rain. I love rain too even though it is not as beautiful.

What a precious Christmas for you to hold tight to in memory.

Christmas Eve & day were wonderful. Family is abundant here for us and that is a gift we do not take for granted, sharing most holidays with them.

I hope your new year is one even more special and abounding in the simple joys that make life all the more amazing & awesome.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, yes! Lots and lots of snow and very cold -7* at night. Your nose sticks together when you go outside.

YAY! For the snow...moisture in any form is wonderful!


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

No snow, it's sixty today but Sunday the temp takes a dive.

Your Christmas pics are just beautiful...I so enjoyed your walk in the snow.

We haven't had our Christmas, ya got to have it when ya can corral 'em all. Saturday is our day.

God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic New Year! :o)