"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The howling wind

blew all day yesterday, making the sky orange with the dust from the cotton fields. I listened to it roar and beat up against the house as I stitched last night. This morning, I headed off to work...........the air was chilly,
but all was quiet and clear. This afternoon, I stepped outside from work and the hectic day melted away as the pleasant afternoon wrapped itself around me. I got home and took a walk out to visit the flowers that are now blooming this time of year.These visits to the grounds make me forget about the old grumpy man who never likes the way I make his hashbrowns, even though his plate looks as if he has licked it clean upon leaving.........or the grumbling customer...........complaining that the cafe's bacon is not thick enough.........sigh........
It all melts away in the warmth of the afternoon sunshine......
The mums are cascading over their wooden crate and are so cheery in the sunshine.
The marigold garden is showing off it's vibrant fall colors. It is almost November, yet, today the temperature is 86 degrees and flowers are all over the grounds here at Pleasant Prairie.............. one could never tell that winter is almost here. I walk alone in silence and take it all in...............however, I realize, I am not alone.............

among the thick leaves and beautiful blossoms, many insects are making themselves comfortable...........and taking advantage of the sunny and pleasant weather.

even the wasp, who are usually sluggish and crawling on the ground this time of year, are enjoying what the flowers have to offer.

Butterflies of every kind are flitting in and out of the gardens,

and I should be upset for all of the creatures enjoying a bite or two..............but how can I resist such curious creatures??................ I know it won't be long and all of this as well as they...........will be gone for winter's deep sleep.

Looks like someone is already enjoying a good nap.

Even the wildflowers here on the prairie are not ready to go away. They bloom and grow among the dry grass and dirt.

I visited a local farmers market this weekend, and fell in love with one of the vendor's pumpkin wagons. She had pumpkins of every size and shape. I bought a few and hope to save the seed for next year's planting.

This is a gourd of some kind, I could not resist taking it home. It looks almost like a granny smith apple, however, it is fairly large.

This pumpkin has the most unusual color and shape.My husband said it looks like a gigantic tick...............sigh..........just goes to show that not everyone has the same idea of beauty................. so I tucked it into my arms and brought it home.
Now........................how about you??
Are you still having sunny days and pretty weather.............where ever you are?
Are your gardens or yard filled with creatures great and small?
What kind of pumpkins are you decorating with this fall?
I would love to hear!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen, I just put up a new post about our very windy, 86* day here in GA!!!!!!
Your photos of the mums and the insects are so clear and pretty. It must feel so good to get out and walk and enjoy the beauty after a long day at work.

Love your unusual gourd and pumpkins. I decorated with a few mums and scarecrows, but I did not purchase a pumpkin this year.

grammy said...

I always forget where you live... but it is a much warmer place than here (o: It was in the 30s last night. The Rockies have a foot of snow near the Ski resorts.
Needless to say I have not seen the cute insects you have. All summer the kids looked for things to put in a little bug keeper and we never found more than a lady bug or two (o:
Love your gourds and pumpkin.
Sorry about grouchy people. I always tell my best friend that we have to keep each other from being grouchy old ladies.

Anonymous said...

a windy day is a good time to stitch.

my youngest has been stitching.
picked it up herself.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

What a gorgeous domain you have to wander through there! We had a lot of wind last night, too, but it was hot today. Supposed to cool off later in the week. Yippee!

Connie said...

What lovely photos, Kathleen. Taking a walk there would melt away tension for me too. Your flowers are all still so pretty. We had howling winds all day today. There were tornado warnings out for us here, but we didn't have any touchdowns or sightings.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Kathleen, what wonderful shots of the insects! they look
so large.. The colors are beautiful this time of year.

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...I love the pictures with the insects..awesome and I love the cute pumpkins/squash..very neat! Have a happy weekend and come say hi :D

IanH said...

A cool day at +86? I wish! Most of our insects have gone migrating, gone to sleep, or just plain died. Our night forecast is -12C. How about pushing some of that heat up north?

Great photos!

Vickie said...

Oh Kathleen, we're having the same weather that you are! It was so pleasant today tho. 86 yesterday and the winds were howling here, too. Blew some of my plants over and broke a branch on my climbing rose. Rats!

I'm reminded of "All Creatures Great and Small" looking at all your little critters sunning themselves. Great pictures! You got some good close-ups! That wasp you got there - we call 'em yellow-jackets over this way. ;)

I bought a few regular pumpkins this year, and was going to get some of those green/orange and ghost pumpkins, but the crows have decided to poke holes in the ones I got, so I thought maybe I shouldn't spend my money on any more! I did buy some more mums tho!

I planted my deadish mum roots in an old wagon back in the early summer and they filled out and are blooming their little hearts out! Lavender and yellow - I'll have to post a picture.

I love how I can unwind, too, when I come home and go outside and just absorb all of God's green earth and its creatures!

Conni said...

Beautiful post! The weather is still quite warm, here, but the leaves are nearly at their peak.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, that reads so beautifully. You really could turn it into a poem. I like your pumpkins and enjoy the same sense of beauty but my kids like the traditional orange round pumpkins

Sunny said...

hi Kathleen! Beautiful post and such wonderful photography! Your flowers are still gorgeous... nice to come home to, I am sure.
We got winds and rain yesterday, but today is bright and sunny!

LindaSue said...

We don't do a lot of fall decoration - I do enjoy going to our local farmer's market to see the unusual and often bizarre gourds for sale. Still a few things blooming here but definitely the feel of autumn - one of the best seasons in Texas!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love pumpkins, but I haven't bought my pumpkins yet! I want one of those squatty, flat topped Cinderella pumpkins!

DayPhoto said...

Wind! I love gentle breezes but I get so very tired of wind. And for some reason that is all we seem to have had this year.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Aren't gourds such fun?! I've told you before but want to say again, how much JOY those two women give me. The two on the side of your blog...they looks to be such fast friends, friends who have laughed and cried many times throughout the years. I envy them.

KathyB. said...

Sometimes those grumpy people just need to gripe and you happen to be handy, lucky, blessed you!I bet you return a kind word to them anyway, and with a smile.

The weather here is most often wet now, but every so often the sun peeks out and blazes on the autumn foliage. Then the honeybees come out even though the temperatures seem barely able to sustain them.We don't have the extra sunny days you do, but appreciate the weather here every bit as much as you appreciate yours. Isn't God good? Praise Him!

Julie said...

Hi, Miss Kathleen!
Must tell you before I forget _ LOVE what you did with the sweatshirt (previous post)! It turned out just lovely!!!

Your pictures, from your walk are beautiful. I'm so happy that you have a haven in your home!!!

When you said that your husband said that pumpkin looks like a giant tick - ewww... he's right!
My husband says things like that all the time! They are so naughty, aren't they?!?!

It's warm here, too. Today it's in the 80's - but I'm NOT turning the air conditioner back on! I'm not, I'm not...I'm not... How about you?

Nancy M. said...

I'm glad you have something to take your mind off of the stress from the day's work! You always catch the neatest creatures in your pictures! I don't have any pumpkins this time, except some fake ones scattered about.

Lanny said...

I grew a very interesting assortment of squash this year. I love all the different shapes and colors. The lovely blue ones are my favorite! Well, this year any way.

You mentioned that you are going to save seed from the ones you bought. Have you done that before? In my experience with curcurbita they cross pollinate very very easily and their offspring are never very delightful or edible and I don't ever get ones that look like any of the parents.

Grammyof13 said...

Kathleen, I'm sure you could write a book on customers - good or bad it would be interesting reading. I am so glad you have your litle haven to come home to and forget... Love you blog friend.