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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The cooler weather and

the arrival of fall has brought forth nature's beauty in different colors. I am always delighted to see the many different mushrooms that sprout up throughout the whole year, here on the grounds.
The Yucca cactus pods, which were once white colored blossoms, are now hard shells, full of dark seeds.

Every year, at different seasons, the regular visitors come to stay a few days here at the farm. In the early spring, the yellow headed black birds fill the trees and sing out their loud trills of song. During the summer and the heavy rains, the rain toads come out from the ground...............their croaking can be heard for miles. Now with the arrival of fall, the butterflies are clinging to every tree. Hundreds of beautiful orange butterflies................ migrating....on their way to Mexico...........I think.

They will only be here a few days, and then they will take to flight. Not long after, the Sand Hill Cranes, will trumpet their arrival overhead.
How about you?
Do you have the same visitors year after year arrive at your home?
If so, what are they? I would love to hear!


Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Hey Kathleen, I don't notice the birds changing, maybe I get up too late :o( Maybe that's why I don't have a bigger farm :o)...
I noticed the mushrooms! Do you know how to pick the ones that are edible? the ones you showed I don't see in the stores (that I noticed).Ginny

Julie Harward said...

That is all so amazing...I thought the mushrooms were metal decorations at first! ;D

Kelly said...

Slugs. They arrive in a slime trail and now the guineas are haveing a buffet. Love the pics of the butterflies.

Lanny said...

It doesn't seem like we have very many specific seasonal visitors like you, our tree frogs are around most of the year, just noisiest in early spring but you can still hear a few even into the fall. Our geese even, are year 'round residents. But it is true the dragon and butterflies seemingly disappear when the cooler weather hits.

grammy said...

love your visitors...especially the butterflies
We have geese flying in a V and honking loudly (o:

Nancy M. said...

I usually notice more deer this time of year. It's finally gotten cooler here and it's feeling like fall!

Suma Subramaniam said...


what a lovely post. I think the butterflies have flown from my place to yours. There are some grasshoppers and snails that I see around. Mushrooms hide in my plant beds.


DayPhoto said...

Now that is cool. I never see them leave here, but have them arrive would be really wonderful!


Jody Blue said...

It is fun to see where the Monarchs stop on their way. They summer up here, they eat milk weed. We have put the caterpillars in big jars and watched them become a chrysalis and then hatch, it is such a fun part of creation to witness.