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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Home Sweet Home..........Can Be Any Place.........

I have often posted about the large mesquite tree in the backyard of our home.........
It grows a few feet away from the patio and a few
feet in front of my greenhouse.
on the worst winter days, it looks bony and frail when the hard wind
and snow blows..........

and elegant and lovely in the 
quiet of heavy snow and ice. 

In the summer, it's long winding arms stretch out across almost all of the back 
portion of the yard. 

Last year, I planted a young wisteria in a pot in hopes that it
will soon grow up the tree and give this tree lovely purple blossoms
in the spring. 

As I stepped up to the wisteria , to water it...........
I noticed this mound of dry grass.......
which I did not place in there..............

I cautiously and carefully pulled it away, 
and discovered this nest of 4 baby rabbits,
tucked snuggly in a hole which the dried grass covered. 

Why on earth a mother rabbit picked this out for her
home sweet home, is beyond my reasoning. 
The baby rabbits remained in the large planter for almost a week,
then one day I went out to check on them
and they were gone.
She moved them, I suppose.
I am now able to return to watering the wisteria, in good time
since the temperature here has reached to 102 on some days.
All of my plants are trying to hang on in the heat wave
including these new plants.  
A dear friend shipped me cuttings from her garden..........
all the way from Tennessee .........
they arrived, carefully wrapped in a box.........
still moist.........and fresh and green.
Seven Sisters Rose cuttings, Bee Balm, Dutch Iris, and Vinca 
all traveled so far!
I have since transplanted them, 
however, I am not sure they are so happy with 
this new hot environment they have been thrust into.
I hope to show photos ........if they do well.
So tell me.......what is making a "home sweet home" in your back yard?
Birds, ...rabbits.......some other creature?
I would love to hear!


Granny Marigold said...

First of all let me say I'm so glad to see you posting again. I enjoy and look forward to hearing what you're doing.
How amazing that the mother rabbit chose such an unusual spot for her babies.
And your tree is amazing in winter as well as in summer. I do hope the Wisteria will thrive and grow up the tree.
It surely is hot out your way!! I wore a sweater all day and wished for warm sunshine but NOT 102 degrees, thanks.
Keep cool if you can!!

lil red hen said...

Baby rabbits ~ how sweet! I have lots of baby kittens at the barn, all colors. :) But I know of nothing in the backyard except now and then I see a lizard.

I've missed your posts, and I'm thinking you must have some type of beautiful work in progress?

Connie said...

Aw, those baby bunnies are so sweet! Beautiful photos of your mesquite tree. Isn't it amazing how different a tree looks depending on the season. Hope you are having a good week.

Chip Butter said...

It seems to me that the wild critters are drawn to you and want to be close. I love, love the little rabbits! They may nibble at your garden plants, but I'm sure you won't mind terribly!

Debra said...

Oh! Such wonderful photos! And Sophie was a good girl and didn't sniff the bunnies out! I do hope your new plants thrive...102 seems a trifle hot!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

When I first looked at this post, Kathleen, I thought I was in the midst of a snowstorm! Than I continued and saw how lovely that mesquite tree is in all seasons. Glad you saw the bunnies before watering and hope that the mama rabbit moved them to a safer spot.

Henny Penny said...

Sorry to be so late commenting. I love this post! Such a big pretty tree! and those baby bunnies are adorable! My neighbor brought me a baby bunny that her dog caught. She tried to put the bunny back where it was caught but the dog kept bringing it to the house. Wild baby bunnies rarely survive if caught, but this one seems to be doing fine. It is in a safe pen on the ground away from the house. I built a covered nest for it to hide in. It has been four days now and the bunny is eating the food and greens I put in the pen. When it is old enough to survive on it's own, I will turn it loose.