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Friday, January 25, 2013

There are several flower beds

surrounding the house and along the grounds
and already some things growing in them are starting to awaken and sprout.
I love cheery daffodils and I cant wait to see these blossom!
Although it looks a little ragged, green leaves are starting to appear on this Italian Jasmine,

as well as it's buds and small yellow flowers. I rescued this plant from a death of a paved lot being made in town and transplanted it out to here in the country. It has flourished.

Now is the time that the chickens will not be allowed to roam the grounds freely any longer. They love to dig in the beds and can destroy the growth starting to sprout

and they have been venturing off into the woods to lay their eggs. This has started to bring coyotes up into the grounds, risking the flock's safety. So it's time for the chickens to stay in their own penned yard.

This year I am focusing on the flower beds close to the house.
One in particular has this wonderful piece of vintage fence in it. It is just a short piece, but is wonderful for growing vines.  One side of the fence gets morning sun and stays shaded during the heat of the day, because of an old mesquite tree growing next to it. This side is perfect for  Morning Glory.

The other side I have placed bags of fertilized soil along. The ground is covered in grass that is hard to get rid of, and I hope the bag gardening will work.  This side gets a lot of sun during the day. It will be perfect for Zinnia, Marigold, and other blooming flowers.
There is a flower bed that runs up to and along side of a shed on the grounds. This bed is shaded during most of the day, and I always find this the most challenging.  I have not decided on which plants I want there, but will do research on the best for shade.

An  arch way is at the front of this space and I already have a young Wisteria  planted beside it,  which I am hoping that it will grow and climb.

The old twisted mesquite tree makes a great growing support for Ivy that I hope will grow up and along it.  It all looks very bare and un- impressive at this time.............

However, with the help of the computer...........for right now,
I hope it will look this colorful by the time summer has arrived.
How about you?
Have you any spaces that are both perfect and challenging for growing?
What do you like best for shade?
I would love to hear!


Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! It is snowing here right now so all plants are still cozy in the ground . Have a good day !

Nancy J said...

Love the instant flowers. I like hostas for shade, but they do not have flowers for long, but stunning leaves. Daffs, hard to imagine as here our leaves are starting to fall already, in January!!! Cheers from Jean in NZ

Muddling Through said...

Oh, Kathleen, you have me smiling at your wonderful plans and at their beginnings already started! It's going to be gorgeous.

Have you thought of impatiens and balsams for the shady area? They can't take a lot of heat, but both self-sow, usually a good thing.

Kelly_Deal said...

Great post! Makes me want to garden. Love seeing those plants poking through. My biggest challenge is the backyard where the sun blazes all day long. I put all of my succulents and tropicals out onto to the deck and prairie like plants grow in the beds. It's been a learning experience!

lil red hen said...

With dogs here, for the first summer in a long time, I think the flower beds will have to undergo some changes, maybe with some fencing. Maturing trees are a problem with some beds now, as they sap the moisture from the flowers.

I loved seeing the eggs outside; reminded me of the farm hens Mama had. She could never have pretty flowers because of them.

Vickie said...

Hi Kathleen. I'm about to pen my chickens back up, too. I've got to get my beds ready for spring. I have lots of rose bushes to cut back and need to put more mulch in. The hens have scratched it all out. I spotted some daffodils trying to peak out here, too.

I love that little bit of old fencing. It's hard to find. I know - I've looked. Have a nice weekend!

Daisy said...

So good to see the beginnings of your gardens. I'm looking forward to the return of spring, but it will be a while before it appears here. I love morning glories and zinnias! Hope you have a nice weekend! :-)

Paula said...

I'm sure that when spring arrives your place will full of beautiful colors, Kathleen!
And I know what you mean about chickens being so destructive... I call our girls the "4 Hens of the Apocalypse" because you never know what kind of damage they will do next. *haha*

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Kathleen!
I love the length of vintage fencing! I found some similar sections of fencing at an estate sale last summer.
I can't wait to see your flowers in bloom.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The daffodils are starting to sprout up here in our yard as are the day Lillie's. they're is also lots of new growth on butterfly bushes. And we also have several small heads of broccoli in the garden. Now all are covered with a couple of inches of snow that we received yesterday.

LindaSue said...

I had a problem with chickens laying out in the wooded land and never in the egg boxes! Have started over with a new bunch and not going to let them free range until they have a habit of proper egg placement!
Working on putting in some flower beds - trying to strike good balance in some decoration and low water use.

Michaele said...

I am so jealous right now. I don't dare start planning anything. Keep us posted on how things are coming in. It gives me hope of days that seem long off.

nancy huggins said...

I always plant Impatience in shady areas..I just Love them and I just sprinkle a little Epsom salt on the ground around them and they get huge from it. They are one of my favorite flowers so I don't mind planting them every spring. I used to pinch pieces off and root them in a sm cup of water and then put in pots and enjoyed them all winter and planted them outside in spring. Your yard looks great and will be beautiful come spring. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Have a great week..Hugs, Nancy

Marie said...

Oh, Kathleen, your gardens are going to be wonderful this year! I have already started digging and cleaning up my spaces, and even planted some wildflowers out front yesterday. I'm getting excited. Love that vintage fence, and the arbor's enhancement via computer was a cute idea!

Diana said...

HI Kathleen, our yard is dry,sandy, and with clay plus mostly shady. Phlox is what I like, they bloom a long time and the butterflies love them. The tall kind. They are planted around my back porch. take care, love ,Diana

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

These photos are awesome. Signs of spring are slowly appearing here, too. Our purle phlox has bloomed in the front yard. Your flower garden will be really pretty. It's good to look forward to gardening.