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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The sound of splat, plat

as I write this , is coming from outside................we are getting
RAIN!!!! and lots of it!
Thank you, thank you, for joining us Texans in prayer!

It started last night and is still going on. Stopping for a break now and then.

The Cosmos seem to look up at me excitedly as if to say  "it's raining!"
By the way, Cosmos is another flower I have started growing here at Pleasant Prairie.
They seem to grow better when plant in late summer and they bloom throughout the fall.

The rose, which has weathered the harshest dust and heat, this summer, is still blooming and happily wearing it's raindrops.

This is a good time to stick a large pan of baked spaghetti in the oven. This is full of the goodness of onion, mushroom, bell pepper and tomato. If you would like the recipe ,just visit my cooking blog! My Country Kitchen


Debbie said...

I haven't had anything to eat yet today and that food looks soooo good! I'm so thankful that you are getting rain. I'm one who has been praying for yall. So sorry to hear about the fires and lost homes and lives.
Your flowers are soaking up the moisture for sure!

lil red hen said...

Alright!! Thank you, God!! I didn't realize Texas was getting rain, but I have prayed for you. We've missed our chances the last few days but a cold front passed through yesterday afternoon and it was 56* here this morning; now we'll be cool and dry. :)

Love the beautiful flowers, and the food looks really, really good!

Daisy said...

HURRAY! Rain at last! I'm so happy for you, Kathleen. It is way overdue for you there. :-)

Muddling Through said...

Oh, thank God! I am so happy for you. Now, if it will just head over this way, too. I know your ground is just soaking it all in. That baked spagetti looks soooo good! Going now to check out your recipe.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I'm happy that rain has finally come to Texas! I hope it helps in stopping the fires ..

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I have been keeping TX in my prayers and even yesterday on TV they were asking for prayers of rain. WE GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO THE LORD for his mercy and sending rain!~! So very happy you are getting some, bottle some and send it here...better yet, pray for us to get some as well.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Oh I'm so jealous! we haven't had measurable rain in months. Extreme drought continues - but glad at least some part of the state is being blessed by rain!

Michaele said...

Soooooo happy for you. Even if too late - it CAME!

KathyB. said...

This makes me so happy, rain for Texas, blessings abundant! I love the way you captured the rain replenishing the drought stricken plants that have survived because of your loving tending.

Vickie said...

Good for you, Kathleen! I'll be thankful for you! Unfortunately, we didn't get a drop. Everything was west and east of us here, but I know you are thrilled! Our time will come - The Lord knows we need some and it will come in His time.

That spaghetti looks wonderful. It's 12:45 PM and it's been about 6 hours or so since supper time. I could use a plate of that!

Paula said...

Oh, Kathleen~ I'm so happy you're getting rain!
Love your Cosmos... what a beautiful little flower.
Your baked spaghetti made my mouth water! YUMMY!

Terry and Linda said...

Wonderful! Double wonderful! I hope the ground flurishes!


Marie (once The Tile Lady) said...

Good for you! Glad you and many others are getting the relief you need! We are traveling, and in Saucier MS right this minute...the rain was heavy here yesterday. Probably part of the same system.

Ladybug said...

So glad for the Rain...
may more rain come your way
Thank you Dear Lord

Warm Blessings