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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The farm grounds are in line with the migratory

path of the Monarch Butterfly
who travel all the way from South Dakota..........on their way to New Mexico......just to feed, lay eggs, and die. They have a life span of only 90 days.

For a few short days,they fly in by the hundreds to rest among the crooked Mesquite trees here on the grounds.  One can walk underneath the trees and the butterflies swirl around as they take to flight. It is a wonderful sight witnessed each year since we moved here.............so many years ago.

The cool weather drop and the rain showers have brought life to the flowers in the garden............

The Zinnia are so cheery that I had to capture that in my embroidery this week.

How about you?  What wee creature has made it's path to your door?
Wild geese in flight perhaps.............or maybe a colony of ladybugs?
I would love to hear!


Kelly said...

Hi Kathleen,
We look forward to the geese flying over each fall. Not so much bugs right now thanks to the guineas. I do love the butterflies. Your zinnia is beautiful.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Very nice capture of the Zinnia in your embroidery :o)

Muddling Through said...

Kathleen, your zinnia embroidery is gorgeous! You've captured it so well.

Unfortunately, what we have migrating through here right now is the grackles. They are very agressive at the bird feeders. I'll be glad when they're gone. ;(

Vickie said...

Great stitching of your zinnia, Kathleen! You are an artist with your needles and floss!

We might see a few monarchs some years, but I haven't seen any lately. I think they go on a more westerly path.

All I'm having around here are stinkbugs and gophers! haha! We haven't seen any geese yet, but a bit later, we'll be able to hear them way up high at night when it's still outside... I love fall!

Michaele said...

Asian beetles. Biting stinking ones.

I love the embroidery!

Daisy said...

Your embroidery is so beautiful, Kathleen. How wonderful it must be to see all those butterflies. I've seen videos of that when they all migrate south. Amazing to be there among them. :)

Conni said...

Beautifully embroidered zinnia!!!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I love your butterfly photos, it sure pictuers their beauty.

Bees have been coming by the droves and not in a good way. In the walls and chewing up my porch. So all the lantana had to go. 40 carpenter bees were on the plant this AM and many holes in my porch. I love the butterflies that came but the plant had go. Think I will rethink planting flowers next year and to veggies again.

Hope you enjoy the butterflies. Take lots of pictures for us.

Did you digitize the zinnia?? That is superb!

papel1 said...

We have los of butterflies, different moths and bugs that feed on some wild plants by the creek. We try not to weedeat those plants so the insects can enjoy them. We have tons of goldfinches, titmouse and nuthatches. They drink the little water that is left in the creek. Good to hear from you.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Wow, what a sight to see the Monarch butteflies. I'm sure that is so beautiful. I love butterflies. Your zinnia in the embroidery was lovely, too.
We are having geese honking, and flying in V-shape over the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are getting ready to head South for the winter. Fall is marching into this area. The leaves are changing and it's real pretty here.

KathyB. said...

Your embroidery is beautiful Kathleen! How amazing, Monarch butterflies taking time to rest in your trees on their journey south.

We do see geese flying overhead but I am not sure they're migrating, just flying en masse to the local golf course or our neighbors' pastures.Our climate is usually fairly moderate all times of the year and seems to appeal as a place to winter-over. Even birds who are supposed to migrate hang around longer than they should. All except the hummingbirds. They are gone.

Bev C said...

Hello Kathleen

Oh your embroidery is stunning. Love that the Monarch calls in upon you on its way. Nature is truly wonderful.
happy days.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Kathleen, unfortunately no butterflies seem to be lurking in the windflower meadow, which now resembles a jungle. There have been some ladybug visitors indoors and outdoors as well as some daddy long legs.

Amish Stories said...

I was just passing through and thought id stop and say hello. Have a very nice weekend everyone. Richard from the Amish community of Pennsylvania.

Suma Subramaniam said...

The butterfly looks absolutely beautiful. Its Salmons migrating this season. So ponds and lakes in dog parks are closed to help the salmon swim through water peacefully.

Jody Blue said...

When our kids were little we would find Monarch caterpillar and put them in a jar feed them milk weed and watch them make a chrysalis and them hatch, a very fun process to take in. The flower is so neat, you did a great job on capturing its beauty.