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Friday, September 19, 2008

Lessons Learned and Hidden Treasure in a Yucky, Mucky, Pond

For all of you experienced pond growers out there, you can tell me, I should have researched keeping fish in ponds better. We placed 12 tiny, 2 inch goldfish into the (dish satellite) pond that sweetie and my son made. We were told that these little fish would not live for more than two weeks. We placed them into the pond water in late June and we did not put a filter into the pond. Over the weeks, the fish grew and grew, and the pond water got more and more cloudy. Soon, we could not see the fish at all.... we knew they were there when they would come up to eat at feeding time. I knew I should get busy and bail out water and clean out the pond. I kept putting it off. The other day, I noticed a beautiful large orange fish....dead ... in the pond.
I rolled up my sleeves and began to work. I will spare you pictures of the foul smelling muck and water and show you the surprise I found waiting to be rescued! Aren't they pretty......and big?
Unfortunately, we lost 5 of these beautiful fish and have five left. They were so happy to have clean water to swim in.

They are almost as big as my hand!

Now we have a new visitor to our pond. A bull frog has taken up residence once more here. It is quite a large one. Click on the picture for a better look.

So, I have learned a lesson. Hopefully we will get a filter later on. For those of you who have ponds, do you use filters? If not, how does your pond water stay clean? I could use any helpful advice you have!


J & J Acres said...

5 out of 10 for your first time pond-fish-raising isn't bad at all! I have no experience with ponds, but I can imagine that it got pretty murky!

Didn't you say you're going to put lily pads in there or something later?

Daisy said...

I have no experience with owning a pond, so I'm afraid I am of no help with this one. It is surprising how big the fish have grown in such a short time. Love the bullfrog! He looks right at home. I hope you get it worked out so the water doesn't get murky.

Nancy M. said...

Cool frog! Those are some pretty fish. Sorry you lost some of them. I have always wanted a fish pond, but don't have one yet. Good luck!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

How exciting! I have been looking for a satelite dish ever since your first post. One day I hope to have a little pond too.


LindaSueBuhl said...

We don't use a filter on our little pond but I did when I had more ornamental pond in Midland. Right now we keep goldfish in our troughs (galvanized tanks) and really just flush it out when it looks too murky (since we are on well water no concerns about chemicals in the water harming the fish) I'll cut back soon on feeding them - during the cold season they become almost dormant. Truly 5 out of ten isn't bad - raccoons usually take that many around here! Great frog - I love frogs (especially since I got a postcard about FROG - fully rely on God) now frogs mean more to me than before.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I don't know much about ponds Kathleen, but I know there are some plants you can use that will help filter the water... you may want to do an internet search about it!

Lanny said...

Water hyacinths are pretty good at filtering the water of toxins most water plants are a good source of health but few will keep a pond clear. You would be surprised at how murky and nasty (from a people perspective) the ponds get that still host lots of life. Our ponds are all beaver made from hay fields and are burgling masses of pond gas. But still the giant gold carp (goldfish all grown up), cat fish and occasional escaped trout (from our land lords trout pond that requires constant aeration and depth) live on. Along with tadpoles, frogs, toads and salamanders. Often instead of murky it is lack of o2 and too warm that gets the fish, running the garden hose into it occasionally will take care of both as will plants eventually.