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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Patience pays off!

First of all , thank you, thank you, all my blogging friends for your comments and helpful advice. Every time I get on and read your comments, it just touches my heart! Yes, as some of you have commented, I have a lot going on in my life. That is why I have 3 blogs to cover just a portion of some of the things I love to do. And this doesn't even cover my family life and spiritual life!{: In my very early posts, I planted Caladium tubers and Freesia bulbs in containers. One reason I was not sure where I want to place them when they sprouted and some I also want to sell. I planted them in the early part of February. I have had them in the green house and have watered them well. The Freesias, sprouted and grew well weeks ago, but no blooms. The Caladiums never showed up. Still, I kept watering.I have never worked with Caladiums or Freesias before, so this is an experiment.
My patience has paid off. I now have sprouts and beautiful speckled leaves popping up! This Caladium looks to be full of color soon!
The Freesias have started budding. I can't wait to see what colors there are waiting inside the green buds! Once again, thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment. I just love to visit your blogs also and see your wonderful corners of the world!


Sand Flat Farm said...

What resourcefulness your son & hubby have! The photo of them raising the satellite dish up reminds me so much of my sons and all the "great ideas" they used to come up with. I just smiled and bragged on them. I miss those days! Show us pictures when you get your pond finished! Thanks for stopping by - Vickie

J & J Acres said...

Congratulations on your flower growth! I have neglected my seedlings but some of them are still hanging on for dear life. I may have to plant them and see how serious they are about the whole 'surviving' thing. :)

Tipper said...

Oh I love it when that happens! I have planted things in the yard and thought they were dead and when they survived I was so pleased.

The Freesias will be beautiful.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm so happy they've finally sprouted, Kathleen!
I was thinking the same about my strawberry plants... then yesterday I found some berries! What a thrill!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

It is so great to see when things start to sprout. I have just been so amazed at our garden. Hope all your plants bring blooms.

Irma :)

Chris said...

Hi Kathleen!

I just discovered your blog through a comment you left over at Irm's Rose Cottage. I am so glad I did!

I also moved from the city ('burbs actually) to the country 4 years ago. Should have done it years and years ago!

I'll enjoy sharing in your experiences!


Julie said...

Oh, Kathleen!
You just give me so much hope --
It's been over 20 years since I lived in the country. After living in the city (this one in particular!) I'm so ready to go back. Then I get scared and think that maybe I can't do it.

I mean, really, it's been over 20 YEARS!!! And, growing up, my mother wouldn't let me go out too much and work with my dad (I had to "sneak out" to help him!) So I don't exactly have much experience to do all the things that I want to.....

Then, I read your posts, and all of your accomplishments.... and I have a renewed sense of hope that MAYbe, just maybe....

Thank you, so much!