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Monday, February 5, 2018

A Farewell...........To 2 Kitty Cats

Zelda has been with us 15 years. The remaining survivor, 
out of the 4 in the litter, that we brought the first year
we were here at the farm.
She loved roaming the grounds.........but spent the last few years in the bedroom,
making it her domain.
She started getting very skinny, but still enjoyed playing and eating.
I had planned to  take her to our vet last week........but just before the day came,
she passed away in her sleep.

This whimsical creature is Ellie. I have been babysitting her
for our daughter, who had gone to  Afghanistan last March.
Now our daughter is home and is about to leave us to go on 
to her busy work.  She is taking Ellie home with her.
It has been such a joy to watch over this sweet cat.

Although it is early February and the grounds are stark 
and grey........the cheerful Italian Jasmine is blooming.

It starts blooming in January and brings such 
cheer to the quiet dull grounds.
There is a big bush in the front

and another at the side of my vintage shop.
I do have smaller bushes trying to survive in my archway garden
but the deer seem to love to nibble on them

I love to see these cheerful little flowers as Sophie and
I come back from our walk.
So tell me............if you have had a cat......
how long did you have it with you?
What is starting to bloom in your backyard?
I would love to hear!


Jan said...

We had our cat Dusty for twenty years. Brought him home from my in-laws farm at 6wks old. He was a sweetheart and was an indoor cat, so he lived a good, long life. He's been gone for 7 or 8 years now, but we still miss him. Nothing flowering here yet-cold and grey today with rain forecast for tomorrow. We need it here in North Texas!

Nancy J said...

Zelda, so loved, and to leave you , at home, the best place of all for her last night , your home will be so quiet without them, I hope memories in your heart will soften the loss. Spring time is when nature shows us how resilient some plants and shrubs are, and the yellow a beautiful and bright messenger of more colour to come. XXX

Henny Penny said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Zelda. She was a beautiful cat. I know you will miss both the cats. Our Bickett has been with us since 2005, going on 13 years. Dumperoo has been here probably 10 years, and Smokey 3 years, I think. All three were rescued. I picked up Bickett in the middle of the highway when he was just a baby. Dumperoo, we found hanging around one of the county dumpster, and Smokey was thrown out on our dirt road when he was still just a kitten. Poor little animals. Our flowering quince is putting out buds and so are the button bushes, but no blooms yet. I am so ready for spring.

Debra said...

Well-there's nothing blooming here except snow bunnies! It's pretty with the sun shining on the snow-it looks like diamonds. I have lots of ornamental grasses that need cutting back before spring, so the dead grass is pretty.
We had a feral cat I named 'Lion.' He stayed with us for almost 2 years. At the end of that time he was showing his old age and didn't recover well from fights. I think he probably went away to die. I miss him still.

Granny Marigold said...

We had a beautiful black and white cat who ran away after we acquired our dog. We got a glimpse of him one day when he came back to check if that "awful puppy" was still around, and seeing that it was, he went away for good. I hope he found a dogless home because he was very friendly.

happyone said...

So sorry to hear about Zelda. So hard to say goodbye to our pets.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Sorry for your loss of Zelda. We had Ditty for 12 years, and now I have 4 girls who are 11 & 10 years old. Three live in an enclosed barn where they have free reign. They would not except the next kitty that came along, so she eventually became my indoor house girl after my dear husband passed away, 5 years ago. She's been good company for me. They sure worm their way into our hearts.

These were all born on our property, the two oldest are sisters, the other two were born in the same year months apart. We knew the two sisters mother, but not the mothers of the other two. No more for me, one tiny one came around a year ago, abandoned and like a sucker, I made friends, but just couldn't keep her, so I took her to the nice animal shelter in the county that finds homes for them. It's heart breaking and I don't want to make friends with anymore. 4 is plenty to handle.

Lots in bloom here as I live in s.e. Florida.

Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady

Sally said...

Unlike Flower Lady, no color here yet in N.E. Florida. I cannot wait!

How sad that you lost Zelda; sounds as if she gave y'all much pleasure. I'm allergic to cats from childhood on. I'm sorry for that as from what everyone says they make wonderful pets. :(

It's always nice to SEE you, here. :)


peggy said...

There is nothing blooming here, well, maybe underneath the snow but it is good to see your pictures. Just wanted to say I loved your calendar pictures. Best wishes everyone.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

My cat was black with a white patch under her beck and on her tail and her name was Sambuca, after the licorice liquor. Pat had a cat who was named Missy, short for Misfit. Both of our cats had to be put down because they had health issues and it would have been unkind and panful not to do so. Sambuca was about 7-8 years old and Missy was a bit older. We buried them in the back yard in the "family" animal plot when we lived in NJ.

Chip Butter said...

Soon your prairie will be a parade of colors when the wildflowers begin to bloom. We so miss our kitty here; not sure how long we had him, but not long enough. Your kitties were lucky to have such a good and loving home.

Jean Tuthill said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of Zelda...they do become our children and I am sure she is in a good place now. Waiting for the day when you can reconnect! We are in the dead of winter here in New England with nothing looking alive. A few more months yet for Spring...

Connie said...

We had our cat Nutmeg for 18 years. She lived a good, long life, and we still miss her. Sorry to hear of your loss of Zelda. Lovely little yellow flowers there. They are so cheerful.

Kay G. said...

We had our Minnie for 16 years. Nothing blooming just yet but there are daffodils in the neighbor's garden.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Zelda passing. It's always so sad to lose a pet. They are just like family. Your flowers are pretty.