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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rain dance instructions.........desperately needed!!!

It grew dark across the prairie,
the hard wind blew,
Rain clouds formed,
my excitement grew!
It thundered loudly,
Lightening lit up the sky
and then...........
no rain..........it was gone...........
Hope you are having plenty of rain and pleasant weather.
Please keep Texas in your prayers..........
we are as dry as toast!


Magnolia Tea said...

Oh, how disappointing, but take heart there will be rain. Keeping your area in my prayers.

lil red hen said...

Isn't it just so strange how parts of the U.S. are flooded and other parts so dry! We've had rain, so far, but those old memories of the drought last summer still haunt us. Hope you get rain soon, because I can't dance. :)

Paula Fraker said...

Bless your heart... praying you get some rain soon.
(And Charlotte's comment made me laugh... I can't dance either! *haha*)

Muddling Through said...

We've had some rain, but it is still dry. And windy now, so that will dry it out more.

Daisy said...

I hope you get some rain soon! If I knew how to do a rain dance I'd do one for you. I loved the poem! :)

Marie said...

Cute cartoon. :-) Hope you are finally getting some rain, though. We haven't been either, but for here that is to be expected for a while yet. I water and water, and look forward to a nice strong rain!