"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands........" 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Forward Along The Blogging Path

A new year..............
so many things I want to accomplish! I have so enjoyed blogging here and meeting all of you wonderful blogging/readers! Although I have 3 other blogs, this is my social blog it seems. I carry on about the every day things that happen in life here more. One thing I do want to do with all of my blogs however, is to offer tidbits of helps or things of interest for you.
I have a farm journal blog which I call Pleasant Prairie Farm....the name I have decided to name the farm I am trying to create..........
it is more of a journal of the struggles and victories I come up against in doing such.
On my cooking blog, I have decided to work my way through a whole cookbook.....getting my inspiration from the Julie and Julia movie, but doing it differently. You can read about this on my cooking blog. I will post here occasionally about it.
And then there is my embroidery blog..........my true passion in life.............embroidery! I have decided to tackle those unfinished projects this year and I will also post new stitches to try and new projects for you to try as well !

And for this blog, I have many wonderful garden books............including
this wonderful old book titled
The Complete Book Of Garden Magic
It was printed in 1935 and is full of wonderful garden advice on just about everything.
I will post helpful things out of this book to pass along to you.
I am looking forward to walking this year's path with all of you who stop by.
What are your plans with this new year?? I would love to hear!


LindaSueBuhl said...

Happy New Year! My plans for the New Year will definitely include reading your new blogs - sounds like many interesting days to come. I hope to find a part time job with a hospital for a little more money and the benefit of health coverage . Hoping to be of service to our community in the Lord's name and learn more each day.

Daisy said...

I wish you good luck in reaching all of your goals, Kathleen. I hope to be more organized in the year ahead. The clutter is taking over here. HA! :)

Wishing you a blessed new year.

Wish on a Whisker said...

Merry New Year Wishes, Kathleen! ~Mandy (Love your pretty cookbook.)

Laura Frantz said...

So glad we get to share 2010 with you, Kathleen! A huge blessing. For me, I pray 2010 is filled with more books to write and read! And falling more in love with our Creator.

Anonymous said...

stoping in on a couple of gatherings today.
staying out of the rain.

that's my new year so far.

love to visit you.

Julie said...

Happy New Year, Miss Kathleen!

LOVE the name of your farm and the cover of that cookbook looks delicious! SO southern!!! Yum, YUm, YUM!!!
That movie was certainly inspiring, wasn't it? I've been questioning what cookbook I would actually do something like that with - I have to say, the one you chose looks EXCELLENT!

Have to ask a gardening question and a farm question...please?
Do you grow Southern brown butter beans? If so, where do you get your seeds for them? I've been looking for over a year now....no luck and those are our favorite!!!

Question about chickens/hens? Did you order yours? Where from??? We want only hens (hubby says no roosters)!

Thank you so much! Sorry if I'm bugging you!

Many Blessings,

Sunny said...

Kathleen, your blogging plans sound really neat. I love your Pleasant Prairie blog, as well as this one... so I will be stopping by to read them. My plans are more doing and less blogging, as I also have a full time job, besides the commercial rabbits I raise, and I want to do more painting and quilting. (actually I will be blogging about those on a private blog just to keep track of my progress.... there are PLENTY of quilting blogs already out there) Keep up the inspiring words, and have a Blessed New Year!

Julie Harward said...

How do you keep up with all these blogs..I have enough with just one! You are sending that rooster my way..right? Love it! Come say hi :D

Nancy M. said...

Great goals! There is so much I need to do, who knows if I'll ever get it done.

Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

Kathleen, I always enjoy the things you so thoughtfully and carefully share with your readers. You are so talented and your sense of humor is keen. My Beau likes to see Sophie on your blog and to keep up with her:D Looking forward to keeping up with you in 2010.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy New Year, Kathleen

I'll be right here following you through another year of discovery. I do truly believe that this vast network of ladies that are blogging will stay close always...it seems to be something that we either love... or don't.

You may know as I do....if you mention blogging you know immediately if the person DOES!...LOL and also that they don't even know what you are talking about, right! :0)

I love it...the bonding is sweet and there is always a feeling of belonging and that is so important in this big ole world that seems so impersonal at times.

Have a wonderful day,

KathyB. said...

You are a busy and creative lady Kathleen, and I am so glad you choose to share the many creative aspects of your life with us, your fellow, or sister bloggers! I especially appreciate your desire to do this and give glory to God throughout~

hummer said...

You are one busy lady.
Wishes for a happy New Year. Good luck on achieving your goals.
Fra ces

Muddling Through said...

Ah, Kathleen, where you find the time and energy to do all this posting - I don't know, but I'm GLAD you do! It's always interesting to see what you've been doing. Going now to check out your new farm blog! Happy New Year!!!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

The Blue Willow is practically in my backyard. You would love the restaurant, the ambiance, and of course the food. Why don't you come visit me and I will take you there!

And a great cookbook!