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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet Muddy Mildred

Remember over a week ago, I spent the days tilling, planning and planting? Well, I was hoping to post pictures of my pea patch that has been sprouting. I have been noticing sprouts one day and then the next day....... they are gone. I could not imagine what was wrong with my eyes. So this morning I waited and watched and just as I had thought.... birds are taking off with my sprouts! What a waste of hard work. So now, my solution, I hope.......introducing Muddy Mildred. Isn't she a sight? I am hoping the birds will think she looks scary! I thought that if I am to fix a scare crow, why not a scare crow lady, with locks of plastic hair, a beauty school makeover, and an apron over her dress? I am not good at sawing or nailing, so a visit to my sweetie's shed one more time( it's a miracle we are married after 25 years of this!) and I spied his patio torches just gathering dust in the corner. We haven't used those in over 2 years, plus there is a burn ban in our county.. no trash burning, no grilling.. and that would mean no patio torches. Bringing all of this up, made him let me have at least one.{: I wired mesquite branches on for her arms. I just hope she can scare the birds. I have planted peas each year and have never had this happen. Maybe the extreme dryness and limited food is what is making them do this. Sweetie told me that he had a talk with all of my cats...... they are supposed to give up nap time one hour each and take turns to watch the garden. I don't think they like black eyed peas.... they are still napping.


Kim said...

I was going to "next blog" off of my blog...and yours popped up! What a great blog and great pictures. It made me miss the country... I was laughing so hard when I saw all your animals, it is sooo cute. How old are your kittens??? Very sweet. We are up in Washington State. Will check back soon! keep on with the pictures!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I love Mildred, Kathleen!
It's so frustrating, I know. Our garden was destroyed by deer last year. They ate all the okra and even dug up the sweet potatoes with their hooves! It was awful. And if that wasn't bad enough, the racoons came through and literally SHUCKED THE CORN and ate it!
I'm declaring war this year.

Julie said...

Oh, I H-E-A-R you about those birds!!!! My husband is threatening to get the bb gun and start shooting!!! I'm about tempted to let him, too! UGH!!!!

Loooooooooooove your scarecrow -- I've been thinking of making one. I just might do it; you've inspired me!

Many Blessings,

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Thanks for stopping by Kim, come back soon, and Paula, we have deer and coons, but so far they have left the garden alone, I hope you win your war on them! And Julie, make that scare crow! Not sure how well mine will do, I hope you have good luck. Blessings, Kathleen

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

... I just hope the birds don't think Mildred is as cute as I do. I'm putting out my first garden this year and I never thought about birds eating my sprouts. Oh dear! Now I know what tomorrow's project will be. I'll have to post photos of "her" when I'm done!


Mel said...

Love farm life and animals, just tilled the garden plot a few days ago. We living in Upstate NY have a little bit befroe we can plant, due to the danger of frost. Last year I was drooling waiting for my sweet corn, but my chickens had another plan. They ate every piece of corn in the garden before I could get to it. This year we are putting up a fence!

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