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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How good can it get?

Yesterday, Sweetie worked and worked and at last....... he got my greenhouse finished!! And if that isn't just the greatest news, we are now getting rain!!! How much better can anything get may I ask?LOL I can't wait to start putting things in my greenhouse,....... now I have a question for all of you helpful and creative bloggers. What can I use for shelves? They can't be too wide, but wide enough for plants and plant crates and they can't be too expensive. Any ideas? I have looked at professional greenhouses and some have wooden slates on cinder blocks... do any of you have any suggestions? I would love to hear from you . Even if you don't have suggestions, I still love hearing from all of you! Oh, and for all of you who have been asking, Annabelle, still misses Jasper, but she is doing fine. Noah got over the snake bite and is back to purring full time. Thanks for all your concern. blessings, Kathleen


LindaSueBuhl said...

Beautiful! I vote for the planks on cinder blocks - easy to re arrange and cinder blocks give you a nice cooling effect when they are moist. What FUN you are going to have!

Farm Chick Paula said...

O.k.- I have some serious greenhouse envy here! LOL
LindaSue has my suggestion, too, Kathleen...I wouldn't build any "permanent" shelving. With the cinderblocks and planks, you can always rearrange things if you need to.
I'm glad to hear Noah is doing better.
Now you can get busy planting! Yay!

Katy said...

Oh...i love your green house!!! It is sooo nice! What about getting those shelves from walmart?? We have some in our basement that I keep all the veggies I can on. I am not sure if that will work or not though..best of luck with it!!!! :)

Julie said...

It's beautiful!!!! I'm so jealous!!!
I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions about shelving -- but it sounds like you've already got it figured out!
I'm so happy that y'all got rain!
I've been praying for you!

J & J Acres said...

What an amazing greenhouse!! I definitely want one when we buy our own house. Now that I have flowers growing, I'm hooked!!

PS- I e-mailed you a flower questin!!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Oh the fun you're going to have in that greenhouse! It is lovely.